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Friday, June 1, 2018

May 2018 Board Minutes

Kensington Estates Board Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2018
The May meeting was help at Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library at 1pm. All Board members were present; several KE residents were in attendance. The meeting opened with President Russ Warren leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes of the last meeting, December 11, 2017, were presented and accepted by motion (Russ) and seconded by Vicky Wilson.
Property Services Group: Larry Edwards of PSGG gave a maintenance/repair update:
·      Downspout pipes unstopped and cleared. New drain boxes installed where necessary.
·      Mailbox posts and some boxes will be replaced.
·      Reported roof leaks were referred to a roofing company for repair.
·      Goal is to check under each house by the first of June. Winter weather did not permit this job to be done when it was first planned.
·      Repair large driveway cracks will be repaired.
·      A few trees and stumps remain to be removed.
·      All residences mulched per resident instructions.
Tree Committee: Russ Warren will be joined by Neal Hollingsworth, Gerald Russell, and Don Owens. These residents will “walk the neighborhood” to determine placement of new trees. The trees will be planted as money allows and in places to make the neighborhood aesthetically pleasing in addition to shade provided. Currently there is no plan to place a tree in each resident’s yard due to financial constraints.
Shrub/Bush Trimming: Later in June when new growth has taken place, shrubbery will be trimmed by Bulldog Lawncare since it is presently in Darrell’s contract to trim. By acclamation it was decided that any shrub/bush in a resident’s yard may be trimmed, not just those in the front. If the homeowner does NOT want a particular shrub trimmed, they are to place a “DO NOT TRIM” sign in the corresponding window(s). One sign is provided by the Board and copies may be made. Larry Edwards, PSG, will inform Darrell of these changes.
Note: The lawn mowing/snow removal contract will be signed in September, rather than in January as has been done in the past. This change will make the budget easier to plan for the next year.
Painting of Doors:  It was determined that all exterior doors (not just the front doors) are the responsibility of the Association to maintain in repair and paint. Door painting also involves painting the trim work. Brandon, PSG, will begin painting in the near future. At some point garage doors will be addressed. The established color(s) will continue to be used.
Flower Planting Reimbursement: It was agreed upon that Jane Teliha be reimbursed for her expenses in planting the entry way to Kensington Estates. We appreciate Gloria Ellis and Jane helping to make our neighborhood look attractive. Go Volunteers!
Work Orders: Larry Edwards, PSG, reminded residents to call PSG or contact online to refer maintenance needs to Brandon so that nothing will be overlooked. If you think something HAS been overlooked, please call again.
Meeting was adjourned.                                   Linda Rasner, Secretary for the Board

2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

Kensington Estates Annual Meeting Minutes
 October 14, 2017 
The meeting took place on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at the Plainfield-Guilford Township Library.
A quorum was present, having 48 of 65 homes represented by at least one owner.
President Russ Warren led the group in the pledge to the United States flag, followed by a welcoming statement. He commented that it was encouraging to see such a large turnout.
Secretary Linda Rasner read the minutes from the 2016 annual meeting. Motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Linda Lee, 2nd by Neal Belton; motion carried.
Russ Warren shared the Board’s accomplishments of 2017, focusing on the dead tree and stump removal, the reclaiming of these areas; and the recent concrete work that had been done that replaced several sidewalk panels that were damaged due to tree roots, in addition to some driveway aprons.
Treasurer Carolyn Buzash presented the financial report, stating that there were no outstanding debts and that we had kept very close to the proposed budget for 2017. The special assessment of $30/month/per home was used to “pay back” the Edward Jones account that was “borrowed from” so that all roofs could be finished early. The biggest spending this past year was for tree project and concrete work. Presently there is $74,000 in our reserve, not including October’s deposit. It was reiterated that the Special Assessment was used only for roofing. We were pleased to have received a 7.65% on our investment fund. Barb Baxter moved to accept the financial report, 2nd by Phil Dungan; motion carried.
OLD BUSINESS: Russ told about the tree removal project, the mailbox repair and replacement, the concrete work, and painting. Some front doors and outer trim has been done, with more to be done as weather permits. Painting from this point forward will be done by Property Services Group. There was discussion that garage doors need to be soon.
 Russ reported that there were 12 ask trees left in the neighborhood which had been treated for several years at the homeowner’s expense.  Additionally, he said there are 10 trees remaining between the sidewalks and the road. He entertained a discussion of the homeowners’ opinions of whether these trees should be removed NOW at a cost of $350-$400 per tree to prevent future sidewalk damage. If we leave them for now, we will be paying for future concrete work. An UNOFFICIAL vote indicated that homeowners would prefer removing the trees now, before sidewalks were damaged.
There are 8 original mailbox posts that will be replaced. Those repaired/replaced that have flaws will be addressed. After this project is finished in the coming year, all homeowners will have a ‘new’ post.
NEW BUSINESS: Included in this fall’s packet to homeowners was a sheet prepared by Russ as he interpreted the Bylaws, indicating what was the responsibility of the homeowner and what was the Association’s responsibility when it came to a home’s maintenance. After discussion it was agreed by all present that the Bylaws could be interpreted in different ways by different people. It was further discussed and agreed upon that we needed once and for all to have an attorney study our Bylaws and arrive at some legally binding conclusions for everyone’s sake. Terry Abner moved to proceed with clarification of the Bylaws via an attorney, 2nd by Don Owens; motion carried.
Carolyn and Russ stated that the proposed budget for 2018 was drawn by Kensington Estates Board and Property Services Group (PSG) as they will be our maintenance managers beginning November 1, 2017. There were very few changes in the budget categories and in the amounts proposed in these categories. The monthly HOA fee will be $180.00, of which $8.00 is included as the management fee for PSG. One area of change is Administrative Costs, as PSG will receive all KE monthly fees. PSG will also develop a website for Kensington Estates. Information for residents, newsletters, forms, and contact capabilities will be available once the website is developed. Due to privacy issues, some information will not be available online.
Property Service Group representatives Larry Edwards and Susan Keene were introduced. Mr. Edwards discussed how the maintenance of Kensington Estates would take place and the process his employees would follow when they came into the neighborhood. He informed us of the guidelines that we would follow when requesting maintenance work, and he explained the process PSG follows as our management company.
Ms. Keene explained how the automatic payment process could be initiated if they chose to do this and assured all homeowners that the remaining 2017 payments (Nov and Dec) could either be sent to PSG or IF sent to Carolyn, that would not be a problem and she would deal with anything that arose in this regard.
After Russ explained that after hiring PSG to be the property managers for Kensington Estates, Board members would serve in an advisory capacity only. Meetings would probably be quarterly, not monthly. Linda Lee volunteered to serve on the Board, bringing the number to five Board members. She was accepted by acclamation.
Phil Dungan moved that the meeting be adjourned. He was met with no resistance, and the meeting was adjourned!

Submitted by,
Linda Rasner, Secretary for the Board

December 2017 Board Minutes

Kensington Estates Board Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2017

The Quarterly meeting of Kensington Estates was held at the Plainfield library. All Board members were in attendance: Russ Warren, Carolyn Buzash, Vicky Wilson, Linda Lee, and Linda Rasner.
Also in attendance were representatives from Property Services Group (PSG). Homeowners from four residences were also in attendance.
Minutes for the November 14, 2017, meeting were not available but will be sent to all Board members.
·       The financial report will be attached to these minutes and filed together.
·       Many people have paid through December and no one is delinquent in fees owed.
·       A quarterly report and year-end report will be prepared by PSG.
·       A detailed walk-around has been completed on the neighborhood.
·       Entry sign was painted, and Christmas decorations were placed, with residents expressing their gratitude to PSG.
·       Drains near the front walks and driveways were a ‘real mess.’ Sagging gutters were repaired, flashing problems were nailed. They decided that ALL drains would be cleaned and repaired.
·       1of 3 sump pump drains were found to be broken off at the outside drain. Water will return to the crawl space if these are not repaired. PSG will work on drains until the ground freezes. This is the biggest problem facing us with winter approaching. Drains will have new covers/boxes.
·       Caulking around windows will be done with a commercial grade product that may prevent the future need of more caulking. Existing caulking was done with a product will not hold. At this point Kensington Way NORTH has been the area where repairs have been done.
·       Larry, “By and large the community is in good shape.”
·       Crawl space inspection will take place in the winter. PSG will provide a schedule so that owners can be home for the inspection if they have an inside crawl space entry. Those not home will have the inspection delayed. PSG will give each owner a written report of any problems found that need to be repaired (leaks, sump pumps not functioning, vent issues, etc.) at the owner’s expense. Repairs that need to be done that are the responsibility of the Association will be done by the Association.
·       A small bag of Ice Melt has been left at each home. This is not to replace shoveling, but will aide in frozen rain, etc., and will not harm concrete as salt will. Don’t use salt: call for more Ice Melt.
·       “Weep Holes” below the bricks may be a future job to be done to prevent water from lodging behind the bricks.
·       The website will be up and running by the end of the year.
·       Sidewalk tree removal plan: Work will be done in December, with billing to be at first of new year, due to budget requirements.


·       After discussion, a motion by Russ and a 2nd by Carolyn provides that:
Bulldog will do mowing, fertilizer and snow removal;   PSG will do shrub trimming and mulching in all common areas (including the Boulevard). Pond and pump maintenance will be done by existing vendors.

PSG will provide a window display sign for any homeowner who does NOT wish to have mulch installed or shrubs trimmed.

·       As a reminder Russ stated that we had agreed to remove $9,400 from our capital expenses fund at Edward Jones for tree removal and mailbox replacement. This money will be sent to PSG for this need.

·       A committee will be formed to determine where 10 trees will be placed regarding the best aesthetics for the neighborhood. They will address ‘what kind and where.”
·       A newsletter will be prepared in the spring. Anyone who wants to contribute to the newsletter may turn in information to any Board member.
OTHER—Discussion items by Homeowners in attendance.
·       In regard to the question “Where does the crawl space start?” and “Where does MY responsibility start?” Larry said that it was common practice to consider ‘floor joist UP and ceiling joist DOWN’ as the domain of the crawl space, and the Association’s responsibility. He reiterated that there is NO language that would cover every possible scenario. Any items for the homeowner’s ‘enjoyment’, i.e., vents, electric, sump pumps, etc. are the responsibility of the homeowner.

The next meeting will be March 21, 2018, at the library.

With a motion by Russ, and a 2nd by Carolyn, the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by,
Linda Rasner, Secretary for the Board