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Friday, June 1, 2018

May 2018 Board Minutes

Kensington Estates Board Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2018
The May meeting was help at Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library at 1pm. All Board members were present; several KE residents were in attendance. The meeting opened with President Russ Warren leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes of the last meeting, December 11, 2017, were presented and accepted by motion (Russ) and seconded by Vicky Wilson.
Property Services Group: Larry Edwards of PSGG gave a maintenance/repair update:
·      Downspout pipes unstopped and cleared. New drain boxes installed where necessary.
·      Mailbox posts and some boxes will be replaced.
·      Reported roof leaks were referred to a roofing company for repair.
·      Goal is to check under each house by the first of June. Winter weather did not permit this job to be done when it was first planned.
·      Repair large driveway cracks will be repaired.
·      A few trees and stumps remain to be removed.
·      All residences mulched per resident instructions.
Tree Committee: Russ Warren will be joined by Neal Hollingsworth, Gerald Russell, and Don Owens. These residents will “walk the neighborhood” to determine placement of new trees. The trees will be planted as money allows and in places to make the neighborhood aesthetically pleasing in addition to shade provided. Currently there is no plan to place a tree in each resident’s yard due to financial constraints.
Shrub/Bush Trimming: Later in June when new growth has taken place, shrubbery will be trimmed by Bulldog Lawncare since it is presently in Darrell’s contract to trim. By acclamation it was decided that any shrub/bush in a resident’s yard may be trimmed, not just those in the front. If the homeowner does NOT want a particular shrub trimmed, they are to place a “DO NOT TRIM” sign in the corresponding window(s). One sign is provided by the Board and copies may be made. Larry Edwards, PSG, will inform Darrell of these changes.
Note: The lawn mowing/snow removal contract will be signed in September, rather than in January as has been done in the past. This change will make the budget easier to plan for the next year.
Painting of Doors:  It was determined that all exterior doors (not just the front doors) are the responsibility of the Association to maintain in repair and paint. Door painting also involves painting the trim work. Brandon, PSG, will begin painting in the near future. At some point garage doors will be addressed. The established color(s) will continue to be used.
Flower Planting Reimbursement: It was agreed upon that Jane Teliha be reimbursed for her expenses in planting the entry way to Kensington Estates. We appreciate Gloria Ellis and Jane helping to make our neighborhood look attractive. Go Volunteers!
Work Orders: Larry Edwards, PSG, reminded residents to call PSG or contact online to refer maintenance needs to Brandon so that nothing will be overlooked. If you think something HAS been overlooked, please call again.
Meeting was adjourned.                                   Linda Rasner, Secretary for the Board
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