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Monday, September 17, 2018

June 2018 Board Minutes

Kensington Estates Board Meeting Minutes
June 18, 2018
 1 p.m.

The meeting was held at Plainfield Library. All Board members were present as well as Susan Keene and Larry Edwards from PSG. Several residents were also in attendance.
The meeting was opened with the pledge to the American flag.
Minutes were read and approved by the Board.
Financial Report: Susan Keene (PSG) distributed the printed financial reports (attached). KE net worth was reported as $116, 685.40 to date. Russ moved to accept the report which was 2nd by Carolyn. To date we are within our budget, being over in some areas and under in others.
Old Business:
·         Larry Edwards (PSG) reported that PSG would undertake all shrub trimming in the neighborhood, as Bulldog Lawncare did not wish this job. Any shrubbery that residents do NOT want trimmed, will be left as is if the “Do Not Trim” sign is posted for the trimming crew. All bushes around the perimeter of each residence may be trimmed if the owner so desires. This is a change from past years.
·         Crawl Space inspection that was recently completed, revealed no significant problems. Any problems noted were reported in writing to the homeowner. This service was appreciated by the homeowners. This inspection will most likely be done every few years.
·         Painting of doors is being done by Brandon from PSG.
New Business:
·         It was suggested that “Do Mot Mulch” and “Do Not Trim” signs should be distributed at the Annual Meeting in the fall so that those residents leaving for the winter could post them prior to their leaving.
·         There was discussion concerning homeowners who had replaced mulching areas with rock. It was stated that to prevent rocks being thrown by lawn edging, rock areas should have a significant edging material; this is usually done when the job is completed by professional lawn crew.

The next meeting will be will be September 17, 2018, at 1 p.m. at the Plainfield Library.
Russ moved that the meeting be adjourned; 2nd by Carolyn.

Submitted by,
Linda Rasner, Secretary for the Board
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