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Monday, September 24, 2018

September 2018 Board Minutes

Kensington Estates Board Meeting Minutes
September 17, 2018

The meeting took place at Plainfield Library at 1pm. Russ led the pledge to the American flag. Board members present were Russ, Carolyn, Vicky and Linda Rasner. Linda Lee was unable to attend.
Minutes of the June 18 meeting were read by the secretary, seconded by Carolyn, 2nd by Vicky.
Susan Keene of PSG read the Financial Update which is attached to these minutes.
Russ discussed the present budget and noted that we do have $3,000 in funds earmarked for fall planting of trees to replace some of those that had to be removed. He also stated he was pleased with the growth in the Edward Jones account, and thanked Don Owens for his continuing work with reporting in detail this account.
Updates from Property Service Group—Larry Edwards
·       Driveway Expansion Joints Caulking—To prevent water and ice damage in our driveways, caulking with silica sand and self-leveling caulk had begun in the neighborhood and would continue.
·       Drainage pipes were to be buried to prevent the lawnmowers from hitting and damaging them.

·       Barker’s Concrete company will be repairing and laying concrete steps as have been identified and sent by PSG to KE Board for their go-ahead.

·       Larry reiterated how he arrived the jobs he thought needed to be done. Every job that needs to be done was first presented to the Board president who shared the information with the other Board members. PSG does NOTHING in the way of repairs that has not been approved by the Board. This is in exception to small repairs that are submitted to PSG by homeowners.

·       Mailbox posts need to be secured for future installation as the need arises. There was some discussion as to the best place to procure these, as they are expensive.

·       Snow Removal—There was discussion as to whether Darrell could continue “calling the shots” as to when snow removal was necessary, as directed by the Board, as he has done for fifteen years, or was it now necessary for Darrell to wait for a call to be directed by PSG. Board members said that we had always erred on the side of caution, as we served an older neighborhood and safety was our greatest concern. PSG calls the snow removal services at 3” snow depth, while KE practice has been to have service at 2” snow depth. There was no decision made. Tabled.

Preparing for the Annual Meeting
·       Susan presented to the Board her suggestions for the coming budget which she had based upon projected maintenance issues needed in 2019 and work that had been completed in 2018. The Board will meet and study her suggestions and be ready to present a proposed 2019 budget to the KE membership at the Annual Meeting this fall. The Board will meet September 28 at 1pm to prepare for the Annual Meeting, tentatively slated for Saturday, October 20, 2018, at 1pm.
·       Russ reminded that membership present that several Board positions would be open for election as the majority of the present Board would no longer serve. The process for submitting your name for election will be contained in the membership packet that will be distributed to residents ten days prior to the Annual Meeting, as required by the By-Laws.

Comments and Concerns from the Kensington Membership in Attendance
·       QUESTION: Does PSG take bids from vendors before a project, such as concrete work?
ANSWER:    We do take bids to a degree. Among all our properties we manage, we have taken bids and have a pretty good idea of who consistently comes in with the best price and quality work.”
·       QUESTION: Will the gutters be cleaned this fall?
ANSWER:     Yes.
·       QUESTION: What is the procedure for complaints of dog barking incessantly in the neighborhood?
ANSWER:     Resident should call PSG, and a letter will be sent to the owner. If the problem continues, PSG will make a call to Animal Control, and that office will talk with the owner.
·       QUESTION: What about the overgrowth of branches, etc. along Saratoga Blvd sidewalks.
ANSWER:  The Saratoga Association is not taking care of this issue. If voluntary trimming takes place, PSG offered that their employees would pick up the debris if it were piled up. Just let them know where and when.
·       QUESTION: After a heavy rain, the pond looks unsightly. Can volunteers help clean this up?
ANSWER: Absolutely. Volunteer neighbors are the best kind. (It was mentioned that a couple of different residents who live adjacent to the pond, regularly have assumed raking, cleaning debris, etc.)
·       STATEMENT: Residence at 5733 KWS needs some long overdue, properly repaired metal overhang work, i.e. nailing and caulking, as well as new fascia.
REPLY: Address was noted, and information recorded by Larry Edwards.

Russ moved that the meeting be adjourned.

Submitted by,

Linda Rasner, Secretary to the Board
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