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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Kensington Estates 2019 Annual Meeting

                                                                   Kensington Estates Annual Meeting
September 21, 2019  ~ 1:30pm  ~   Plainfield Public Library
It was determined that a quorum had been met and the meeting could take place. Russ Warren, president, led the pledge to the American flag. He gave opening remarks and followed the agenda that had been given to owners previously.
The 2018 Annual Meeting minutes were read and approved by motion from Phil Dungan; second by Linda Lee.
Financial Report was given by Susan Keene of Property Services Group. Due to the early meeting date, she presented numbers as of August 31, 2019.
·       Total Assets were $151,336.63
·       Indiana Members Credit Union Checking   $21,277.74
·       Indiana Members Credit Union Savings      $50.22
·       Edward Jones  $136,908.67
·       Accounts Receivable (Maintenance Fees)   ($6,900.00) Some residents have paid HOA fees in advance.
·       Outstanding Checks to date: lawncare for $1,300
Susan further explained that because of our tax-exempt status, the interest gained on the EJ account avoided the normal 30% tax rate that would be incurred by an individual.
Susan then presented the past year’s budget and total expenditures.  The bottom line is that finances for the years exceeded money spent by $19,000. Because driveways were a non-budgeted item, we exceeded (overspent that area) by $6,000. The budget area of mulching exceeded budget by $1,553 because we mulched additional areas that had not been done before. She said that in the coming year we needed to revert to previous plan of mulching only the fronts, giving the homeowners the option of having other areas mulched at their own expense. The pond was on budget while mowing and snow removal were under budget. We were somewhat over budget on landscaping, for that was a ‘catchall’ area related to the ‘common areas.’
After discussion, it was decided that PSG will prepare end-of-the-year financial statements and mail to the residents.
Susan was complimentary on the financial status of KE in comparison to other condo communities. She stated that good planning, the Board’s foresight and management execution were responsible.
Larry Edwards  of Property Services Management Group discussed the maintenance issues accomplished in 2019. Major drainage issues (more expensive) had been addressed the previous year, so this past year saw more day-to-day maintenance issues—replacing fascia/flashing after storms, spraying of nuisance weeds, clearing drains, caulking expansion joints in concrete, trimming low-hanging trees, clearing storm drains, maintaining downspouts, soil and seed places where trees had been removed, Christmas decorations at entry, and finally assuming the job of removing snow from porches and steps. This was previously done by the snow removal company who serviced the community.
Investment and Reserve Fund were presented by Russ Warren.
Russ explained the spreadsheet for future capital project needs and how we could be increasing our long-term savings to fund these projects as they became necessary. The information on the spreadsheet came from a condo management website. This plan and the 2020 budget are attached to these minutes. By maintaining the same monthly fee per residence, we could increase our monthly contribution to the Edward Jones account to $4,000 per month as opposed to the present $3,300 per month. The $3,300 monthly contribution has existed for many years. Our HOA monthly fee has been $180/month per resident for five years.
Russ also said that our investments were set as conservatively as possible, and we had made 8.72% interest gain this past year.
There was no action taken on any matters in OLD BUSINESS.
Comments from Residents:
·       Terry Abner requested that PSG do any pond maintenance that the residents had been doing on a volunteer basis. He specifically addressed that the pond drains needed attention after every major rain.
·       Also sticks needed to be picked up, rather than the mowing crew ignoring them and mowing over.
·       Jim Copeland also requested clarification on who would be responsible for cleaning leaves from the gutters in the fall. Larry Edwards said that PSG would clear the gutters.
The 2020 budget was presented by Russ Warren, president and Susan Keene, PSG. After a thorough discussion, the budget for 2020 was approved as presented by the entire body of residents. Voting was done by a show of hands. No opposition was expressed. The 2020 budget was adopted.
Election of Officers
·       Because of Russ Warren’s vacancy left at the end of this year, one person was to be elected to fill this position. Ballots had been prepared for voting for one person, with Ted Dowden and Susan Poland
listed as candidates. (One ballot per household.)
·       The president told the secretary to add Vicky Wilson’s name to the ballot as well, as Jim Turpin challenged Vicky’s length of term, stating that she must face election this year, that her term was up.
There were no records available at the time to check the validity of the challenge. Rather than delaying the election, voting proceeded with the residents directed to select two of the three persons listed.
·       Ballots were counted by Susan Keene and Phil Dungan. The results were as follows:
Susan Poland 28; Ted Dowden 22; Vicky Wilson 22. Susan Keene said that Indiana State Law allowed for there to be up to eleven members of the community board. KE will have a six-member board at the present time, rather than five as covenants state. State law trumps covenants.
Additional Items
·       Kingsway/Saratoga Update : Carolyn Buzash Craig had attended the Plainfield Board (Planning Commission) planning meeting recently and reported that Kingsway has opted to not proceed with their construction as their plans had been rejected by the Commission due to chosen materials and appearance. Jack Craig had taken neighbors’ concerns to the Town of Plainfield regarding the unmowed land parcel. The officials told him that Kingsway would be notified and that if they did not mow the lot, the town would have it mowed at Kingsway’s expense.
·       Fall Picnic:  Residents were given the opportunity to sign up for the upcoming picnic on Sunday, Oct.13.
·       Thanks: The residents in attendance thanked Jane Teliha and Terry Kennard for a beautiful front entrance to KE. Residents were also appreciated for acts of “volunteerism” in our neighborhood, picking up sticks and trash, extra landscaping, etc.  The residents are appreciative.
The meeting was adjourned.
Linda Rasner, Secretary to the Kensington Board

(Note re: election. At this writing, research into the questioned term was done. Findings were that Vicky Wilson had one year left on her term at the 2018 annual meeting and was further approved for another two-year term by acclamation. Accordingly, her term expires 2021.)

Thursday, May 30, 2019

May 2019 Board Minutes

Kensington Estates Board Meeting
May 29, 2019
The KE Board meeting was held at the Plainfield Library on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 10:30 a.m.
All Board members were present, as well as Susan Keene and Larry Edwards from PSG. Four KE residents also attended.
The meeting was opened with the Pledge to the American flag. There were no previous minutes read as our last meeting was the Annual Meeting 2018 in the fall.
Old Business
                  FINANCIAL REPORT—Susan Keene, PSG
·       Susan gave the financial report in detail, and the report has been entered into the KE financial binder.
·       As of April 28, 2019, the Checking Account balance was $28,700; IU Credit Union Savings $50.00; Edward Jones $122, 084.09. She said that our EJ account had done well, making $621 in interest at this point. Several KE residents have prepaid their monthly fees and that information has also been filed.
·       Mowing bill has yet to be presented and paid.
·       She said that we were in good shape budget wise.
       MAINTENANCE REPORT—Larry Edwards, PSG
·       The largest recent job was spreading mulch throughout the neighborhood. Any additional mulch needed will be laid when the shrubbery is trimmed the second week in June.
·       Clearing the drains was a project that was done recently that was a major task.  Several drains had no end caps, making it necessary to locate the drain pipes, and adding caps for easier cleanout in the future. Three remaining clogged drains are under sidewalks/drives and they remain to be addressed.
·       Several homes had fascia that needed to be re-nailed or replaced. That job was also completed.
·       Soil/seeding of areas where trees had been removed was also addressed.
·       Mowing company was told to do mowing whatever day it was dry, if Friday wasn’t feasible.
·       Larry suggested that some Board members accompany him on a neighborhood walk-around to identify concrete work that was needed and to inspect recent concrete work that had been completed. He mentioned that contractors, concrete and others, were only interested in doing a significant amount of work at one time. Otherwise cost could be prohibitive. Russ said we could do a walk-around in the next week. Larry said that after the information was gathered, bids would be let for the projects needing to be done.
·       In regard to the brick veneer that is falling off the porch stoops, he said that if the integrity of the porch stoops and steps were acceptable, then this was considered an esthetic issue and would not be addressed due to the cost and the likelihood that this would be an ongoing issue due to weathering, moisture, etc., as had been told to us by various contractors in the past.
Russ said that this, too, could be assessed on the walk-around.

·       There was discussion among Board members and Larry about the cost and installation of new mailboxes. (Larry said that most posts were in good condition, and any that needed to be replaced could be taken care of when mailboxes were changed.)
·       Jim reported that the cost of large package-size aluminum mailboxes from Otto (Larry said that most communities that he worked with used this company.) would cost $6,900; this includes tearing out the old and installing the new. This would be approximately $107 per house, with any new posts being extra.
·       Russ instructed Larry to give us a cost-per-house amount if the project was undertaken by PSG.

New Business
·       There was considerable discussion on the possibility of installing two park benches at strategic places in the neighborhood to give residents a place to rest or visit on their walks. We would want benches that required no maintenance.
·       Russ suggested that we table the decision to purchase benches at this time and assess the residents desire at the Annual Meeting 2019.
·       It was suggested that we purchase 12 or more trees to be planted this fall. Presently we have $3,800  budgeted for this project. Larry said that last year’s tree replacement project came to $50 per tree and $150 for planting. He suggested that we use Blue Ridge Farms (Formerly Hobbs Nursery). Trees increase our property values.

·       Some residents have expressed their desire that their garage doors be painted. It was discussed that this had been a project that we knew would need to be dealt with soon, as this is the responsibility of the Association.
·       Larry was directed to get bids for the painting from Brandon at PSG and from another company.
·       The doors facing the west sun are in the greatest need presently.
VENTS—Terry and Larry
·       After discussion it was decided that vents on KE homes would be left closed, with the homeowners opening them if they desired. This will save money and Larry said that since the walls were insulated, it really wasn’t necessary.
·       Written request: Norma Garner requested that she be allowed to add a retractable Sunsetter awning over her patio. Request granted. Request will be filed.
·       Written request: Susan Poland stated that she wanted to add a rail to her front porch, in keeping with the others in the neighborhood. She also requested to add a deck on the back of her house with materials that had been used by other neighborhood residents. These requests were granted. Russ instructed Larry to take down the small dead trees that she requested to have removed when he was next in the neighborhood. Her requests will be filed.
·        Russ said that the trees that were a safety issue along the entrance to KE could be trimmed by the neighbors, though it was really the domain of the Saratoga Association.
·       In regard to residents who were asking that fees be lowered by tightening the budget, Larry Edwards stressed the need to always be looking ahead for the next roof replacement which could cost $700,000. After discussion, it was pointed out that the budget could be tightened in a few places, but that any money saved should be applied to our long-term savings. Keeping the fee the same, while putting more in savings seemed to be a good idea.
·       Susan mentioned that we need to see a financial report before paying the Saratoga Association the required yearly fee of $1,200.

The meeting was adjourned.
Linda Rasner, Secretary to the Board

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Mow Schedule

Attention Owners: Classic Lawn Care out of Mooresville are your new landscape providers for the community. Your mow day will be on Friday each week weather permit. If you have any questions or maintenance concerns please contact the management office.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

May Board Meeting

Our next board meeting is scheduled at the Plainfield Public Library on Wednesday, May 29th, at 10:30 a.m.  We will be upstairs in McMillan Rm. A.

Monday, March 4, 2019

March Board Meeting

There will not be a Board meeting during the month of March.