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Thursday, September 28, 2017

September 2017 Board Minutes

Kensington Estates Board Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2017

The meeting was held at the home of Carolyn Buzash and all members were present.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Motion to accept by Russ’ 2nd by Carolyn.
The treasurer’s report was read, accepted, and is attached to these minutes. Motion to accept by Russ; 2nd by Vicky.
Old Business—Russ
  • Tree stump reclaiming will wait until there is cooler weather and rain more likely, according to Adam Bowman.
  • Mailbox work planned for this year has been done.
  • Bryan Anderson will finish painting the front doors when weather is cooler. Any door work to be done due to owner displeasure will be redone.
  • Larry Edwards of PSG told Russ that his company could do any further painting work that was planned for this fall, such as possible garage doors and trim work.
New Business—Russ
  • Larry Edwards of PSG did a brief ‘walk around’ the neighborhood with Russ.
He will do a more detailed neighborhood ‘walk around’ this fall and assess the buildings and grounds. He will then discuss with the board his suggestions for immediate attention and more long-range thoughts for KE.
  • The Board grants permission for Marge Steele (2) and Neal Hollingsworth (1) to have trees planted in their respective yards. Both will use a professional landscape service for the trees and planting.
  • In preparation for the Annual Meeting, the board discussed the tentative agenda for the meeting. In keeping with the requirements of our By-laws, the information packets for homeowners must be distributed by September 30, fourteen days prior to the Annual Meeting scheduled for October 14. (Plainfield Library, 1pm)
  • Packets will be prepared by Linda and delivered by the board members.
  • The budget will be presented by Carolyn, assisted by Susan Keene of PSG.
  • Several homeowners have asked about the possibility of having portable fire pits on their patios. After discussion, the Board said firepits would be permissible with the following stipulations:
  • Must be portable and of standard size as those sold at Walmart, Menard’s, etc., much like a grill.
  • Must be placed on patio.

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by, Linda Rasner Secretary for the Board

Thursday, August 31, 2017

August 2017 Board Minutes

Kensington Estates Board Meeting Minutes
August 30, 2017

The meeting was held at the home of Carolyn Buzash with all members present.
Treasurer’s Report (attached)—Carolyn
  • We area in good shape. Budgeted amounts for lawncare and maintenance are within budget.
  • The EJ managed account is at $35,729.00 and the association account holds $31,012.00. Though the lawncare expenses may appear to be near budgeted amount, Carolyn reminded the board that at this time of year it often appears this way, but all would level out as the snow removal costs were figured in. The report was approved; motion by Russ and 2nd by Vicky.
Minutes of June 28th meeting—Linda Emailed to members and approved as written.
Old Business—Russ
  • WarrenCo--Concrete Work (driveways and sidewalks) looks good. Contractor will come to pick up signs, tape, etc.
  • Bowman Boys--Trunks and reclaiming the tree sites is in progress.
  • Wolf Tree Service—10 Dead trees have recently been removed. There are 10-12 ask trees left, but they are still alive.
  • Remaining trees: 6 trees between sidewalks and road,2 maples in southwest corner, 2 ash trees. What will we do? After discussion, agreed to get input from residents at Annual Meeting.
  • Mailboxes—Richard Russell of Hoosier Carpenter fixed mailboxes that he had agreed to do. At this point 14 mb need wrap, 3 double mb need paint, 2 need to be repaired, and 2 need to be removed.
We will use the same service provider since he did a good job at a reasonable price.
  • Bryan Anderson will continue painting front doors, back outer entry doors, dormers and necessary trim. He will also caulk windows and patios. Russ and Ted Dowden made a neighborhood walk-about to determine which houses needed garage door trim paint.
  • Gutters—Russ met with a local company (name and estimate on file) to get an estimate for gutter replacement (including gutter guards). The total cost for the neighborhood would be @ $80,000. The cost per house would be $2,770.
New Business—Russ
  • Discussion took place regarding the recent interviews with various management companies.
  • Property Services Group, headed by Larry Edwards, was selected as the future manager of Kensington Estates. Motion by Carolyn; 2nd by Russ.
  • To prepare for this transition, a meeting with PMG and the Kensington Estates Board will take place in September. Also Russ and Carolyn will prepare a tentative budget that will be submitted to Susan Keene of PMG for her input and guidance. We are in control of what projects will be done in the coming year, with possibilities being sidewalks, trees, and gutters.
  • Larry Edwards will do a walk-about with Russ soon to assess the needs of KE and whether or not he thinks gutters are a need.
  • We plan to be fully transitioned to PMG by the time of our Annual Meeting.
Next regular Board meeting September 27th at 1pm.

Meeting Adjourned